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tie fighter pilot record "The Long Down"
offical release date 17/11/17

In the beginning....

Back in 2013, we had an idea, a dream if you like, to try and help out other bands and do it using a DIY approach and a lot of time. The Aim was to help get music of small independent bands out to as many people as possible and create a network of like minded people.

This was received well by other bands who were feeling the strain of the "dog eat dog" music industry and from bands who were looking out for number one.

Black Sail Records was started to give a voice to bands who are truly incredible and great to watch live but for some reason get over looked by others in the music industry, well that was the idea anyway...

We then set about building up a network of like minded people; these people ranged from well established producers to budding photographers.

This led to us putting out records from some awesome bands around the UK!

It wasn't long before we began to promote and put on live shows in the Southwest of the UK. 

Thankfully, this  enabled Black Sail Records bands to do a lot of gig swapping with other bands around the UK.  This is part ot the fundamentals which build the Black Sail ethos!

In 2016, we began a project to start our own small independant festival 'Get Rad' combining music, the arts and good old fashioned fun!  The festival was well received in the community and there are bigger plans for future events.

Now dont get us wrong, things have been fun up to now however, in the eyes of everyone involved with Black Sail Records there is so much more to come... watch this space.

The Band Roster!

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Arizona Law
Pirate Copy
This band have a unique blend of fast paced punk rock with a "creepy" undertone.
Arizona Law have been brought you songs such as "Get in the Van" and "Devils at the wheel" which kind of explain what their all about

For Fans Of: Alkaline Trio, NOFX, Rise Against and The Flatliners
This fun filled Pirate Punk Band will take you on a voyage to tghe land of salty sea dogs and wenches !
Be prepared to drink rum by the barrel or in some cases literally from a gun!
They are literally the nicest people on the Black Sail Records Roster

For Fans Of: Themed Pirate Punk Bands!!
Bad Credentials

The Bad Credentials are a straight up balls to the wall punk band!
Fast paced and super fun these guys shouldnt be missed!!

For Fans Of: The Decendents, Dead Kennedys, The Misfits
Tie Fighter Pilot!
​ Tie Fighter Pilot Joined Black Sail Records In Feb 2017.
They  are a Punk Rock Band From Bristol!
Catchy Hooks and Party Punk Rock!

For Fans Of : The Descendents, NOFX, No Use For A Name


Get Rad 2017 will be on 1st of July 2017 In Plymouth UK
For more info go to

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