Get Rad Plymouth 2018 was EPIC!

Thank you to everybody that joined us and a massive thanks to the bands, venues and staff who made it all happen!

Below was our 2018 line-up. An event that was crammed full of some of the country's best talent!

The Scribes

Local  Hip Hop heroes The Scribes will be headlining this years Get Rad Festival, we can not explain how excited we are to have these guys on the bill, if you have not heard them before your in for a real treat!
With their very own unique blend of hip hop these guys are guarenteed to have the room bouncing!
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Plymouth, UK noise punks Brunel are returning to  GET Rad Festival for the second year  in a ro and we are stoked to have them!  They are one of the most carismatic and energetic bands your  ever likely to see and should not be missed.

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Black Anchors
Black Anchors have been making a huge stir in the southwest recently, their unique brand of punk rock has a melodic undertones mixed with a high eergy show make for a very ineresting mix. 

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 The Experimental have been causing a bit of  stir around the souhwest of the UK, these guys have found a really nice blend of indie rock and stright up riffs! Think Royal Blood meets Muse and your close to The Experimentals sound! Great fun and super nice guys, so if you see then walking about go say hello!

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Crooked Little Sons are an Exeter based Punk and Roll band, drawing influence from 50's and 60's rock and roll and infusing it with modern punk and hardcore!
These guys are literally the most energetic band on Get Rad this year, they will blow your bloody socks off!
They may even play you a checky little Johnny Cash Cover!

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Steve Stong is a unique talent, a solo artist who uses loops and samples along side live guitar and drums to create moving and very powerful music. What this artist does is a joy to watch and a master class in musicianship. For any aspiring artists this is a true bench mark of what is capable and not to be missed.

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Stealth Moose
New Plymouth based band Stealth Moose are joining us for this years Get Rad and bringing along some serious grungy doom! such a huge sound from these guys. We see big things from these boys in the future!

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Paul Armer is Plymouths answer to  Brian Fallon, this silver tounged acoustic performer has been building a huge repuataion over the past year or two and is a widely respected artist in his field.
iWith a voice unlike any other Paul is someone you will want to see.

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Another incredible band briging you high energy classic rock tunes.  This band make no apolagies for being exactly hat they are, and to be honest what they are is incredible!
If your a fan of Pearl Jam or Nirvana then this will be a  band you need to check out at Get Rad 2018.

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Gunderson, what can i say about this new punk rock band from plymouth?
There amazing! Thats probably the best way to describe it.
There live there show is super high energy, emotive rollercoaster. 
This trio is made up of two ex members of Blowouts and there new project Gunderson looks like they are back with a huge bang!

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Suck My Culture
These ladies have been blowing up the plymouth music scene of late and have cemented themselves as a true force to reckoned with.
There angry riot girl sound is awesome, full of energy and message. This band have a lot to say and there delievery of this will make you sit up and take notice!
We are stoked to have them joining us at Get Rad 2018!

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Kiss Me Killer bring the sprit of 80's hardcore to 2018, there latest E.P. "Beware" is an awesome slice of female powered hardcore punk rock that slaps you in face from start to finish. 
This band bring a huge powerful live performace and are firmly helping to get woman the recognition they s deserve witin the music scene!

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